A. The WIN/LOSS STATEMENT is a NET SUMMARY of play using your Hollywood Casino Tunica Player
Card. This accumulation is a net overall win or net overall loss for the year for slot and table play.

A. The SLOT SUMMARY RATING REPORT is a detailed report by month for SLOT play showing
denominations played, coin-in /coin-out, wins/losses, jackpots, and net summary.

Q. Can I get a detailed rating report on table play?
A. No, rated table play is based on observation and only a WIN/LOSS STATEMENT overall net
summary is available for table play. The IRS recommends that you keep a diary for this purpose.

Q. Can I get an online statement that shows this year's play?
A. No, online statements are only available for the previous year. For a current quarterly report
please contact us at 800-871-0711 ext. 5201.

Q. I had two player card account numbers last year. Are they combined?
A. No, you will need to enter the information for both account numbers and sign in to receive

Q. What is the difference between the WN/LOSS STATEMENT, W2G and 1099?
A. The WIN/LOSS STATEMENT gives information that may be used when filling taxes, W2G is the
reportable tax amount given to the IRS, 1099 is the reportable promotional gifts and/or prize
winnings reported to the IRS.

Q. Are all jackpots reported to the IRS?
A. A jackpot is reported to the IRS on a W2G if it is $1,200 or more for slot play. Accumulated
prize winnings over $600 (yearly) are reported to the IRS on a 1099.

Q. The W2G information does not match what I have?
A. Contact us at 800-871-0711 ext. 5201.

Q. Is the W2G total in my WIN/LOSS STATEMENT?
A. Yes, because the WIN/LOSS STATEMENT is net summary, the W2G number is already included.

Q. Can I get a duplicate copy of my W2G?
A. Contact us at 800-871-0711 ext. 5201 to receive a duplicate copy of your W2G.

Q. The total amount on my WIN/LOSS STATEMENT does not match the SLOT SUMMARY
RATING REPORT. What do I do?

A. The WIN/LOSS STATEMENT includes BOTH slot and table play so it may differ from the SLOT
SUMMARY RATING REPORT. If you do NOT have table play that may have been included then
please contact us at 800-871-0711 ext. 5200.

Please note, the Hollywood Casino player card rating system is not intended for tax reporting,
therefore we make no representations as to either the accuracy of this information or its
effectiveness as proof of losses. It may or may not agree with your records. The IRS
recommends keeping a diary of your gaming activities.

We cannot answer specific questions regarding tax return preparation. Please contact a tax
advisor or the IRS at

Thank you for playing at Hollywood Casino Tunica.